Our plan video production includes 

60 Second Video

$325 per video
  • Select one type of video: corporate, educational, inspirational, entertaining, or promotional video
  • Client requirements: Minimum of 15 pictures, and at least 2 minutes of raw footages are required. Your pictures, and videos do not need to be made by a professional. We can fix and enhance them. Your pictures and raw footages can be made with a smart phone or a home video camera. If you do not have enough pictures or raw footage, some additional costs may apply to buy professional licensed pictures and ready-to-go raw footage videos from our suppliers. Depending on your industry, we have a small bank of free pictures and raw footage available too.
  • We cut, trim, and merge footage
  • Write the script, edit the content, and add captions
  • Incorporate music to your video
  • Synchronize the music to the images in the video
  • Add your business information: address, website, email, phone, and logo
  • Select fonts, sizes, graphics, shapes, and colors according to your corporate image established
  • Add filters, and or create special effects (ex.: text animation, speed, zoom-in, zoom-out, and more)
  • Fix shaky footages with video stabilization program
  • Photo editing to improve the visual of your pictures
  • Convert your video to the most popular media files and formats
  • Your videos can be shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and uploaded to your website
  • Completion of the project: It takes around 1-3 week(s) to complete your video depending on the date we get all the material, and the complexity of the project.
  • Free management of your video in your social media accounts is included if you already have a plan with us!
Video Production / Pay As You Go

Which video is best for...

The corporate video: is best for your website, landing page, and newsletters
The promotional video: is best for and restricted to advertisements, and can be integrated to Facebook Ads
The educational (tutorial) video: is best for online learning via YouTube or Zoom Conferences and Webinars
The entertaining video: is best for all your social media accounts, and attract new prospects to your accounts
The inspirational video: can be used on all your social media accounts, and can help build your credibility as an expert in your industry