Our plan includes designs, pictures, ad placement, QR Code, and management.

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Facebook Ads

$325 per campaign
  • Facebook Ads: 1 week of promotion (7 days)
  • Formats: Image Ads (included), for Carousel Ads, or Video Ads (additional cost may apply)
  • Ads' Placement: 1 campaign at $150 USD placed in Facebook Ads
  • Complete management of your Facebook Ads
  • Target your audience: Demographics, age, interests, location (geo targeting), and languages
  • Types of advertising available: Promotion, sale, product integration, how the problem/solution, comparison, symbolize the benefits, benefit causes story, exemplary story, testimonial, bribe "buy one get one", unique property/characteristics, emotional appeal (need something new), bandwagon "join the group who bought this product", facts & statistics "is recommended by 70% of dermatologists", complementing the customers "you're worth it", questioning the customer, and brand awareness.
  • Types of campaign available: Get more website visitors, page likes, or promote you business
  • Create and design ads: Each ad includes one picture, logo, keywords research, ad description, ideas for template, design, and written content
  • Add your business information: website address, business address, phone number, and logo
  • QR code to scan: One QR code is installed per ad. Prospects and clients can scan them with their phone, and link directly to your website.

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Facebook Ads - Pay As You Go
Advertisement - Restaurant
Advertisement - Restaurant
Facebook Ads

Ref: Table with Statistics from Facebook Website

Note: The estimated daily results may vary depending on your industry, keywords costs, and the type of promotion.