Essential Plan

$75 per week
  • 4 social media with free installation: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Threads, or Instagram
  • Complete social media management and optimization of your accounts
  • Edit your profile: bio, about, timelines, business descriptions, cover photo and vignette, if needed
  • 10 messages per month sent to your customers, new prospects, and followers
  • 40 postings per month (4 social media X 10 messages)
  • 480 postings per year (40 postings per month X 12 = 480 posts per year)
  • Each post includes: one picture, website address, phone number, logo, a brief description, a link to your website, keywords research, hashtags, ideas for template, design, and content written. We upload and publish all your posts in your social media accounts.
  • Click on "retweet", "repost" or "reshare" to increase your visibility with messages written by others in your community, if needed. Max.: 40 clicks per month
  • Click on "like" or "follow" to encourage your followers, clients, or prospects, if needed. Max.: 40 clicks per month
  • Same concept and design used for all your posts throughout your social media accounts to create uniformity and consistency
  • Metrics & Analytics (free): A two-page report about your 4 most read posts each month.
Essential Plan: $75 per week / Automatic Payment: Monthly