was previously known as
Digital Marketing SLR Group.

COMPLETE MANAGEMENT OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS - If you do not have a full-time marketing specialist in charge of your online activities, do not be left behind by your competition. Our social media plans give you a competitive edge with a roadmap, a monthly calendar of action, a schedule of postings to ensure your success, and an account manager orchestrating your social media online content strategies.
WE TAKE YOUR WORKLOAD - We plan, design, and administer your content and manage your social media accounts for far less than a full-time employee.

SAVE MONEY - Minimize your operating costs with our smart, cost-effective plans.

INCREASE YOUR AUDIENCE - We have plans to increase your visibility and develop relationships with new prospects via regular, social media content tailored to your industry.

INCREASE YOUR REVENUES - Thoughtful marketing strategies are created to engage your audience and increase your sales opportunities.

EXPOSURE THROUGH A VARIETY OF SOCIAL MEDIA - We are social media specialists, able to put several platforms to work for you at once  - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

EASY, SIMPLE AND FAST - Our social media plans are easy to monitor from your computer at your convenience. 100% online.

SHORT AND CONCISE MESSAGES - Our posts are modern, short, and concise. We offer a variety of content to interest your prospects: Questions, Quotes, Tips & Tricks, Did you know, Top Lists, Motivations, Benefits and much more!

ATTRACT YOUR AUDIENCE WITH OUR TARGETED MESSAGES - Allow your visitors to take action by clicking on the link to your website for better retention of your audience.


MISSION helps businesses connect with prospects online through strategic planning, smart-solutions, and innovative plans that effectively manage social media, according to industry standards and regulations, to help increase profits.


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Commitment to our clients
  • Passion to contribute to your success